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The Kilted Man would love to bring his unique programming to your school! From Oregon to Florida, Matthew Gurnsey has charmed and delighted school audiences with his fun, interactive and educational performances. Entirely self-contained and able to put on a program with only electricity and a great deal of personally generated energy, Matthew loves performing for these audiences. Special reduced rates make this an opportunity that will reasonably fit a school’s budget.

Junior High School

Popular programs include:

The Ballad as History

Long before Twitter, before newscasts, before radio broadcasts, before “Extra, extra! Read all about it!” and even before the printing press . . . there were ballads. Matthew Gurnsey brings his audience back in time hundreds of years with his “Ballad as History” set. Go back to a time when the news was delivered not on your cell phone, but via troubadours and bards telling tales and singing songs of far distant lands and important points in history. Hear of great battles, mighty kings, brave knights, and of course true love in this enchanting step back into history.

Instrument Education & History

How exactly do you play a bowed psaltery? What IS a bowed psaltery? How about a Bodhran? Why are they called “Bones” in Ireland? How does a concertina work? What’s the oldest instrument? Matthew answers these and many more questions in an interactive musical session featuring many of his ancient and unique instruments. For each instrument, he leads a discussion, answers questions, and demonstrates the attributes and features. Fun for all grades, this is an informative and exciting session long remembered!

Other available programs include Irish, Scottish and Celtic music presentations, and Celtic love songs and ballads.

(Supplemental pre-program lessons plans available upon request.)

For bookings, call 303-596-9099.



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