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Good morning! Thought I’d share an update from the road here in Florida. I just left Saint Augustine which was a lovely town, it reminded me a bit of a renaissance festival if the artisan shops and artists were year-round. I enjoyed the architecture and history… there was the oldest schoolhouse in the country, and a very sturdy stone fortress, and more delicious food than I could shake a stick at (and believe me when I say that I can shake a stick at quite a bit of food when I want to)!

On Tuesday I performed in Port Orange and it was a wonderful show all the way around. Friendly folks, packed audience, singing along, laughing uproariously at my dreadful jokes, tears for the sad songs. They weren’t expecting to pack the house, apparently attendance has been low since the last hurricane (Matthew, ironically) but this show broke attendance/donation records. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

Yesterday I performed downtown for the city of Jacksonville (a much larger city) and everything about the show was… rough. The sixteen I did have in the audience loved the performance and still cried and laughed out loud. Logistically it was difficult though… I like to have an hour to set up and ended up with only 15 minutes this time… I started on time though somehow and I do enjoy a challenge. 😉

Today I will be performing in New Smyrna Beach and (as always) I am anticipating a wonderful show. Right now I am sitting in a Starbucks (for chai and internet) contemplating life’s duality and eccentricities.  Celtic music wouldn’t be nearly as moving or transporting without the difficult (and sometimes dreadful) history behind it. “Dead depressing lyrics set to an upbeat jaunty tune”. I love it. 

Chin up, I’ll see you down the road somewhere!

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