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Hello again! I have made it back to Colorado again after a short and successful tour in Wyoming. Although my trip was short, I encountered all sorts of weather including sleet, hail, snow, rain, high winds and even sunshine. Everyone I met along my path was delightful, and the audiences were happy and excited for the show. I already have invitations for my next trip up to Wyoming, and am looking forward to seeing all those new fans as well as my existing ones again!

Upon returning to my house I have found the electricity and therefore heat to still be off. This means that as I type this, it’s 55°F in my room and this evening I am anticipating below freezing. I have a sleeping bag and will bundle up as best I can. According to the weather forecast the next three days will bring more snow. I just may find myself wishing for my nice warm hotel room in Wyoming again!

I hope all of you are keeping warm this night and enjoying spring wherever this message may find you!


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